Anonymous asked: I can't write that link because tumblr can't it. please we have to talk. how can we talk ?? do you have a instagram? may i follow you ?

My Instagram is kittybertino

Anonymous asked: Hey, i am going to ask you something. i had a tumblr blog. when 3 years ago, i asked you a question from my blog and you shared my question. so i deactivated my account, can you delete my question? if you say yes, i will that question's link.

What is this?


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my heart right about now…

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Modern Love Editorial
MUA/Hair: Kristina Marie Feyerherm
Styling: Colin Boettcher
Assistant: Emiley Smith
Model: Stasia with Ford
© Cassie Scott

Title: Kersed Artist: Ceremony 9,597 plays

Ceremony - Kersed

Pack your fists full of hate, take a swing at the world. These kids stick to themselves, carry angst in their words. Where we’ll never be a part of this cursed fucking town, so we stand amongst ourselves and watch it burn to the ground. Burn to the fucking ground

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